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Seton Hall University

Stillman School of Business Core III Courses

CORE 3101 (BINT 3001)
Global Business
3 credits

The thrust of this course is to develop “global business literacy” among students, with particular emphasis on the influence/impact of Catholic Social Thought and other religious traditions on the practice of global business. The focus is on trends and forces that shape international commercial activity and their impacts on business decisions. The topics covered stem from the broad viewpoint of international trade, economics, and finance, political and economic geography, risk management, marketing, ethics and international law. These topics are presented from the perspective of a generalist. (The faculty strongly recommends that students complete this course before taking other international business courses in the Stillman School curriculum).

Prerequisite: Junior Standing or above, CORE 1101, CORE 2101, ECON 1402 and 1403, BACC 2103 and 2104, and BLAW 2301.

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