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Servant Leadership Experience: Ireland 2019  

Servant leadership students in IrelandDuring this past summer, seventeen students had the opportunity to travel to Limerick, Ireland with the Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences for a Servant Leadership Experience. They served the Limerick community attentively at sites including Franciscan Friary, Hunt Museum, St. Mary's Aid, Limerick's Gateway to Education, Southill Family Area Center, St. Munchin's Community Center, St. Mary's Cathedral, and Animal Welfare. The community was greatly impacted for the better by these seventeen students, and the students were equally, if not more, impacted.

The servant leadership trip transformed many students into new leaders by adding a layer to their leadership style. They learned how to lead servantly and carry out Seton Hall's values and mission. As mentioned by one student, Sarah Czochanski, "The Servant Leadership Experience has made me a better servant leader because I learned more about myself and my peers. You need to know who you are and what your boundaries consist of before you can use your talents to help others. I discovered a lot about myself on this trip, which enables me to do more of what I love: serving the community."

Servant leadership students in IrelandSince this trip was in a different country, it helped to develop the students even more so. They had to learn about and adapt to a country's culture to be able to understand its people and help them in the correct way. Hannah Curran stated, "There was a clash of cultures which caused me to often have to step back, think, and re-evaluate my actions. The Limerick community at first was hesitant to welcome me into their world but, after gaining the "putting others before yourself" mindset, I was able to adapt and eventually make lifelong memories with many."

Aside from the wonderful work done in the community each day, the students got to bond with each other and their faculty chaperones every night. This trip has connected people who might have never met on Seton Hall's campus before and has given them an experience that will bond them together forever. As said by Amanda Lauschus, "This experience was extremely life changing and I'm glad that I attended. In the 10 days that I was there, the group I was with truly became a family that I could rely on and connect with on our journey. Being able to provide service to the less fortunate and serve to their needs was an experience that I am so grateful to have had."

The servant leadership trip is something that will hopefully continue for many years on Seton Hall's campus and provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership and live out the school's values and mission. Dean Kaiser says, "I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to watch our students put our Mission of the College into action during our Servant Leadership Experience in Limerick, Ireland: The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to educate and inspire students to become servant-leaders, prepared for personal and professional success." The Servant Leadership Experiences have lived our mission twice in Kingston Jamaica, twice in the Oglala Reservation of South Dakota, and now three times in Limerick, Ireland. Dean Kaiser says, "These non-credit bearing programs are a viable way for students to explore what Servant Leadership entails and how to become a true Servant Leader." If you are interested in hearing more about the trip or upcoming ones, reach out to the College of Arts and Sciences.

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