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Strategic Communication
Master of Arts (M.A.)

Strategic Communication

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication combines the curricula and resources of the College of Communication and the Arts to offer students academically challenging courses that provide insight and practical strategies to succeed in the rapidly changing world.

The program uniquely develops critical research skills associated with communication and leadership in ways that are grounded in theory and can be immediately applied in practice. Students are challenged to think creatively, apply state-of-the-art technology, and sharpen their leadership and communication in a dynamic, small-classroom environment.

By The Numbers

  • 36 Credit Program
  • 4 Professional Association Affiliations
  • 14 Journal Articles Published by Full-time Faculty
  • 350k New Jobs Expected by 2022
M.A. in Strategic Communication
Darwin Osias

"The Center for Graduate Studies offers classes that help me think critically inside and outside the classroom. With faculty guidance, I developed a proposal and applied a fresh research approach."

Darwin Osias
M.A. in Strategic Communication Student


The M.A. in Strategic Communication is a 36-credit, on-campus program that develops critical research skills associated with communication and leadership in ways that are grounded in theory and applicable to settings in a highly interactive world. It is designed for students with significant interests in researching communication phenomena and understanding human interaction and the role that communication plays in intercultural, interpersonal, organizational, and group contexts. The program offers courses in:

  • Internet and Communication
  • Communication Law
  • Training and Development
  • Methods and Strategies in Communication


The faculty in our internationally recognized research and teaching programs are committed to guiding students to success. Seton Hall is a Catholic University where great thinkers do more than think. They teach.
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Ruth Tsuria
Ruth Tsuria
Assistant Professor
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Renee Robinson
Renee Robinson
Professor of Communication
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A dynamic community comprised of scholars, theorists, critics, and professionals, the Center for Graduate Studies provides students with dynamic and immersive learning experiences blending theory and practical components that permit students to recognize, test, and translate course material into academic, professional, and workplace settings.

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