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IHS Campus Schools Receive Joint Grant

The IHS campus schools will study opioid disorder treatment through a joint grant award. read more

47th Annual Margaret C. Haley Award Recipients

47th Annual Margaret C. Haley Awards

The 2018 Haley Awards honored distinguished graduates from the College of Nursing who have significantly impacted healthcare. read more

Ph.D. in nursing students sitting around a table and talking.

A Ph.D. in Nursing - See The Advantages

Distinguished graduates, faculty and students explain why this program is unique in the world of healthcare. read more

The College of Nursing provides a wide variety of undergraduate and nationally ranked graduate programs that have prepared students for leadership in the nursing industry since 1937. We are pioneers in evidence-based practice, servant leadership and cutting-edge technology, and encourage our students to integrate their values into their daily nursing practice.



Can Do

Jonathan Thow

An Enriching Experience

Jonathan Thow pursues his passions for nursing and debate at Seton Hall.

read more

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