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Sports Poll on Super Bowl Viewing Featured in Media Across the Country  

Seton Hall Sports PollThe most recent Sports Poll results were featured in articles in USA Today, Yahoo Finance, the New York Daily News, AOL, ESPN, Houston Chronicle, The Rush Limbaugh Show and in an Associated Press article that ran everywhere from The Washington Post and U.S. News & World Report to the Denver Post, the Sacramento Bee, the Miami Herald, the Laredo Times and hundreds of other media outlets.

Polling just prior to the NFL's big game, The Sports Poll, which is sponsored by the Stillman School of Business and conducted by the Sharkey Institute, found that interest in the Super Bowl was down, reflecting season-long viewing trends. In addition, the poll found that 16% of those who identified as "following" the NFL, which is to say fans, would not be watching. In accord with the Poll's findings, TV viewership for the game this year declined.

Courtesy of ABC News, the Associated Press noted that An estimated 103.4 million people watched the Super Bowl on NBC, a 7 percent drop from last year that indicates that television's biggest event may have peaked in popularity. The Nielsen company said it's the smallest Super Bowl audience on television since 2009….

And that

The dip was also telegraphed by a poll conducted last week by Seton Hall University, which found that 54 percent of Americans were preparing to watch the game. That's down from the 68 percent that said the same thing two years ago, according to the poll....

The poll also found that 22% of those who intended to watch the Super Bowl looked forward to the ads more than the game itself and a substantial number of people would be viewing the game on devices other than TV. In 2016, 98% said they would be watching the game on television – this year, the number is down to 90%, with 10% citing other devices or a combination of TV and other devices. To see the full release, see "Interest in Super Bowl Down, Reflecting Season-long Viewing Trends."

Olympics and the NBA's Gambling Plan

The Sports poll also featured findings on the Olympics, with 63% of those polled saying that they would watch the Olympics, and an astounding 43% saying that they would be watching at least some of that content via NBC's live stream. To see the full release, which also includes findings about the NBA's plan for gambling on basketball games and the prospect of criminal charges for others thought to be involved in the Nassar scandal, read "63% Say They'll Watch Olympics, 43% Plan to Use Live Stream." 


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